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Become a Member

We are pleased that you are interested in the life and ministry of our church! In this congregation, we think of participating in the life our church in terms of what we want for people, not just what we want from them.  We believe we will all have an impact on the future if we are passionate about what we want for each person here.


We invite you into a relationship with our congregation in which you experience:

  • A genuine welcome

  • A reliable support system and extended family

  • Worship that inspires and enriches you

  • Opportunities to serve in this community and beyond

  • A place to grow as a person of faith

  • Opportunities to give generously and meaningfully


We believe that each person offers:

  • A willingness to welcome and support others

  • Unique perspectives and opinions

  • A generous and willing heart

  • A commitment to building and supporting this community of faith

  • A desire to grow in faith and to share that journey with others.


If you have any questions please contact the front office to be connected with someone.

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