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Welcome Deborah Tyler!

Welcome to Deborah Tyler, our new Interim Pastor who started in September 2022! We are so sorry you had such a rude welcome with your trailer with all your belongings stolen from the church parking lot.

Deborah's ministry life "has been rich with experience over thirty years. Youth ministry, Faith formation for all ages. Confirmation led to Seminary and then her first call as Associate Pastor and ordination. She has served two churches in Wisconsin, first as solo Pastor and then, a year ago as an Interim.

"I love the “now and not yet” of Interim ministry. We are together “in-the-meantime,” looking back at how we got here and looking forward to what God is calling us into. The future is exciting and scary at the same time, so it’s good to walk the road together with God. I am excited to make this move to join you all on this journey!" ~ Rev. Deborah Tyler
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